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She Loves Golf

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She Loves Golf

She Loves Golf is about letting women know that golf isn’t the stuffy and elitist sport that it is often stereotyped as. It’s an ageless activity, with so many ways to play. You can be active and hang out with your friends at the same time, you can meet new people, and you can play as many holes as you like and you don't even have to keep score!

What is the purpose of the project?

Golf offers a unique range of benefits, including spending time with friends and family, connecting with nature, and a wide range of health and wellbeing outcomes. Golf’s handicap system allows individuals to play recreationally and compete equitably regardless of age, gender or ability. Further, the diverse range of golf courses, facilities, and flexibility in playing formats means there is truly something for everyone. 

Despite this, a disproportionate number of women and girls play, compete, and work in the game. 

Our research highlights:

  • 21 percent of adult club members are women 
  • 17 percent of junior club members are girls 
  • 86% of women in golf are aged 50+, compared to 63% of men in golf are aged 50+

Women and girls continue to be underrepresented in golf and the average age of women golfers are older than men. Additionally, women described their perception of golf clubs as being intimidating, strict, and male-dominated. She Loves Golf was created in 2016 to challenge these perceptions and partner with clubs and facilities to implement a variety of relevant initiatives tailored to attract and retain new women to the game.

The purpose of She Loves Golf is to:

  • Connect women to quality experiences held at local golf clubs and facilities
  • Change the perception of golf to one that is seen as fun, has awesome health benefits, and is a place to spend time with friends and family
  • Provide year-round progressive and relevant experiences for women to learn and play golf

What impact did your project have?

  1. Every year, over 100 clubs and facilities offer She Loves Golf opportunities for women to learn and play in a fun, social, and relaxed environment
  2. Participation at She Loves Golf has continued to grow every year. In 2020, She Loves Golf introduced over 2,500 new women to golf
  3. She Loves Golf campaign has raised the engagement and followers of women to 47% across our LOVE Golf social media channels
  4. Introduction of our She Loves Golf Ambassadors such as Urzila Carlson, Laura Mcgoldrick and The Raw Sisters support us to reach women far beyond our traditional audience especially compared to our reach prior to launching She Loves Golf
  5. She Loves Golf has shown clubs and facilities the demand for women's golf, but more importantly that women at different ages and stages have different wants and needs to their existing traditional members, therefore change is needed
  6. She Loves Golf has brought a diverse range of women to the game of golf and allowed us to gain richer insights into their motivations and barriers
  7. She Loves Golf has raised the awareness of golf to a new and much younger tribe of women. It is their feedback that led to the development of ‘Our Ambition’, Golf New Zealand’s national strategy for women and girls intended to complement and support the hard work of She Loves Golf and create systemic change across the sector

What were the outcomes for women?

She Loves Golf contributes to the positive social, health and wellbeing benefits of those that take part. Research has found that playing golf helps prevent 40 major chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and breast and colon cancer. It can also help to reduce anxiety, depression, and dementia while improving self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. She Loves Golf continues to introduce women to golf who may not have previously had the opportunity at an affordable cost. Unlike many other sports, you can play golf across the entire lifespan providing a lifelong physical activity option.

“The initiative has been a huge success as it not only introduced me to a sport that I will certainly pursue at some level, but it has dispelled some misconceptions I had about golf.”

“I came across the She Loves Golf beginner packages this summer and signed up. They’ve been the perfect intro, learning with other beginner females in a low key, relaxed environment, being able to wear gym clothes and feel relaxed on the course has been amazing.”

“Wonderful, low cost, fun, and an event that really eliminates all the barriers to playing!”

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