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Archery NZ Youth Council

Visibility & Portrayal
Archery NZ Youth Council

To increase the engagement and retention of youth in Archery NZ activities. To engage young people in the Archery NZ decision-making processes and give them a voice. To increase Archery NZ’s Board understanding of young people’s perspectives and needs.

What is the purpose of the project?

  1. The Youth Council will:
    1. Ensure young people know the Youth Council exists for them to have a voice.
    2. Facilitate and promote events and projects to involve young people at all levels.
    3. Encourage young people to engage in Archery NZ activities.
  2. Aims:
    1. Look at ways to improve the engagement and retention of youth in Archery NZ activities.
    2. Facilitate forums for other young archers to have a voice.
    3. Promote the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Partnership, Participation and Protection.

What were the enablers that proved successful in your project?

The primary issues and outcomes are embedded in the following Terms of Reference:


Members are required to:

  1. Attend Youth Council meetings which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.
    1. Read the Youth Council agenda including the minutes before each Youth Council meeting.
    2. Be available and commit to working on sub-committees and project teams.
    3. Be available to attend other trainings and meetings that may occur.
    4. To act responsibly in the public arena including the use of the media and social media in relation to all archery activities.
  2. In return for your commitment, The Board of Archery NZ will support Youth Council members with:
    1. Opportunities to attend youth focused conferences and seminars.
    2. Opportunities to be a youth representative on various sub-committees and project teams.
    3. Support funding applications for Youth Council initiatives.
    4. From time-to-time Archery NZ Board sub-committees may request the opportunity to have members of the Youth Council work with them on a project.
    5. These requests will be presented to the Youth Council who may agree to nominate a member to work with the sub-committee.

What impact did your project have?

The project is very new.

  1. There is excitement among our rangatahi at the prospect of this Council.
  2. A project team was established some months ago as a result of two young international athletes presenting a proposal to the board that they enrol two others with a view to planning and creating a residential 5 day camp for aspiring young internationals at Pulman Park for the school holidays. This was approved.
  3. The camp was advertised and planned but has been postponed until January because of lockdown.
  4. The board has become very supportive of these young people and sees them as key to long term succession planning.

What were the outcomes for women?

  1. The majority of the council members are young women.
  2. The planned camp included a day of sessions especially targeted at young women on the day before the camp proper which would enable the young wahine to bond around high profile women keynote speakers.
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