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IAPESGW Five Continents Series of Books

IAPESGW Five Continents Series of Books

Making a difference for girls and women in Physical Education, Sports and Dance

The project ´Making a difference for girls and women in Physical Education, Sport and Dance ‘coordinated by Rosa López de D’Amico, Tansin Benn and Darlene Kluka started in 2014. It was developed in order to increase the visibility of women across the world who have made a difference in the lives of girls and women in physical education, sport and / or dance. The result are five books, one per continent (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania) in which it was emphasized the diversity of each continent (e.g., ethnicity, disability, sexuality, geographically, culturally); physical education and school sport pioneers who have made outstanding leaders or project initiators with an outstanding legacy; policy / advocacy drivers; sport leaders and outstanding athletes; individuals who dedicated their lives to community projects for girls / women; indigenous peoples and their forms of physical activity; biographies and legacies.

From each continent, the information is presented following different approaches but all of them highlighted the life of women who have made a difference in PE and sport and more importantly brought into the English-speaking world information from diverse countries of the world.

The research group "Núcleo do Grupo de Pesquisa em Inclusão, Movimento e Ensino a Distância [NGIME]" (Research Group on Inclusion, Movement and Distance Learning) coordinated by Eliana Ferreira – University of Juiz da Fora. NGIME (Brazil) had a big contribution by making it possible to publish this meaningful information from various corners of the world. It is a part of a macro – project; it is a major publication project sponsored by the Brazilian government. This major international cooperation has 161 co-authors from 59 countries in the five books. The books editors are Anneliese Goslin (Africa), Beatriz Ferreira (America), Canan Koca (Asia), Rosa Diketmüller (Europe), Janice Crosswhite (Oceania).

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